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cameroncuddy's Journal

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Greetings, one and all, to the first ever Cameron/Cuddy shipper community. Fics are welcome here, as is discussion of the show, etc. It is also okay to support other 'ships! But never is it okay to be mean. You should all know that, though.

Please keep other community promotions down to a minimum. Only House and preferably slash comms should be promoted and hopefully only when accompanied by an on-topic post. Basically, if you want to pimp your related comm, write a fic or make some icons and stick your promotion on the bottom of the post or in the A/Ns. Your mods have other things to do than get on your case about adverts, so unless they're totally off-topic or excessive, they'll probably stay, but nobody wants this to become an advertisement community, so try to attach it to something fannish if you can for the enjoyment of all involved.

Please look HERE for information on self-tagging of your posts.

And by popular request (from a while back; this has been an unspoken rule, but only now making it into the userinfo), pairings of Cameron/f or Cuddy/f are also welcomed. Use your discretion--if it's Cameron/Remy (13), it's probably more appropriate for the specific community, but if it's a pairing without its own comm (crossovers, minor characters, etc.), bring it on!

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