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Exclusive from EW's Ausiello. CAMERON AND CUDDY HAVE SEX.… 
1st-Sep-2009 11:55 am
Exclusive from EW's Ausiello.


Okay, but unfortunately, not really. Still. A Cameron/Cuddy mention (actually, several) on one of his online shows. Merits a watch (after a minute or two of True Blood scoop). Beware of a hint about a season 6 Chase/Cameron episode plotline if you're spoilerphobic.
1st-Sep-2009 05:12 pm (UTC)
English is not my first langage, so I don't understand even after trying to read the article.
Is the mention of them having sex is only to attract viewers?
1st-Sep-2009 05:29 pm (UTC)
In the Ausiello video? I'm really not sure. I think the lady that came in and was talking about that is made out to be rather crazy in his web clips all the time. I've only seen one other that she's in, and she acted like that as well. I just thought it was notable (read: awesome) that C/C was brought up (and rooted for), albeit by the crazy lady.
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